Visitor account

Visitor Account

With a visitor account, you can log on to University computers and / or access the Internet through your private computer. A visitor account is a temporary account that will be valid from the day it is created and is available for a maximum of 10 working days.

The account is automatically deleted when it has expired and accordingly it cannot be extended or reused at a later time.

In order to create visitor accounts, you must be an employee of the University. You are obliged to print and hand out a contract of liability to the visitor.

You select one of the following methods to create visitor accounts:

Create individual accounts

If you want to create a few accounts that you hand out one by one.

Create accounts from file

If you want to create many accounts at once for the same period. You fill in the information via Excel and the result can be exported to Excel.

Does your visitor need to do more than specified above? Order a guest account!

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